Exception Handling in Spring Boot

Exception Handling in Spring REST Services in Kotlin

In this article we will see how to implement exception handling in Spring web services. We will take you through the different options you have in Spring to handle error scenarios and return a determined response for each of them. We will also cover another more basic way to implement error handling without the implicit

Spring Boot Application - Bootstrap

How to BootStrap a Spring Boot Application

In this article we will show you how to bootstrap a Spring Boot application quickly by using Spring Initializr. You will learn how to create a new Spring Boot application from scratch quickly and the main advantages of using Spring Boot. With our Spring Boot application example, you will be able to understand how to

spring boot cli

Create a Spring Boot Application using Spring Boot CLI

In this article you will learn how to use Spring Boot CLI to be able to create or run Spring Boot applications from your command line. Let’s see how! Getting started 1. Installation There are two main ways to install Spring Boot CLI easily. 1.1 Installation Using SDKMan If you are currently using a unix-based

how to use homebrew

How to Use Homebrew in Mac (OSX)

In this article we will show you how to use Homebrew, the popular package manager for MacOS or Linux. Getting started Installing Homebrew on Mac In order to get Homebrew installed on your machine, you will have to run the following command: Once installed, to check that everything is in order you can do so


How to Use SDKMan

In this article you will learn how to install and how to use sdkman. Sdkman (Software Development Kit Manager) is a tool to keep parallel versions of different SDKs on unix-based systems. You can easily switch between different versions without having to deal with changes in your $PATH variable. Let’s see how! Installation Installing SDKMAN

virtual threads - Java

Understanding Java Virtual Threads – The Death of Async Programming

In the JDK 19 release, we can find the first preview of something JDK developers have been working on for a long time, Project Loom. This first preview is available as part of JEP 425 and it will allow the creation of “virtual threads“. As it is still a preview, you will have to enable

Aggregate Operations in Kotlin

How To Use Aggregate Operations in Kotlin

In this article we will be showing how can we use aggregate operations in Kotlin. Aggregate operations are those operations where we have a collections and based on its elements we return a single value. Normally this kind of operations are quite useful for statistic purposes. We will take you through the different operations available

Combine collections

How To Combine Collections in Kotlin

In this article we will show you different ways you can use to combine collections in Kotlin. Kotlin provides methods to make our lives easier in different situations like when we need to learn how to join two lists in Kotlin or when we need to merge two lists with alternating values. In general these

Kotlin operator

Discover How To Overload Operators in Kotlin

In this article we will look at how to overload operators in Kotlin. Kotlin provides a way to overload operators in a very simple manner by making use of extensions and the “operator” keyword. This makes the language very flexible and powerful! Let’s see how can we use it. The operator keyword We’ve seen how

Kotlin extensions

Discover How To Use Kotlin Extensions

In this article we’ll show you how to use Kotlin extensions to enhance some classes with custom functionality in your project. You will learn how this feature can improve the reusability, readability and flexibility in your code very easily. Kotlin extensions allow us to enhance classes out of our control, for example classes imported from


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