How To Use Nullable Types Correctly in Kotlin

One of the most annoying aspects in writing code in Java is dealing with null elements. Having to place null check conditions everywhere just to make our code null-safe is something that probably most of us have suffered quite often. Kotlin provides different mechanisms to help solve this problem. Let’s go through them first. Non-Nullable… Continue Reading →

Distributed Locks with Apache Pulsar

One of the most common challenges that we software engineers have sometimes is how to ensure that only one component in our distributed application is doing a certain computation at a time. For example, let’s say we are running three nodes in our application and we need to run a scheduled job daily. How can… Continue Reading →

Kotlin’s Either: Bye bye Exceptions 👋

In this article we’re going to go through one of the most common problems in exception handling in any JVM-language and what alternative can we use to achieve a clearer, cleaner and more maintainable code in terms of error handling. Introduction In these recent few decades where we have seen a boom in the programming… Continue Reading →

A Java Practice Idea: Make a Simple Poker Game

Companies looking to take advantage of emerging tech are willing to offer some of the best perks on the job market to top developers. Generous salaries, health benefits, pension plans, and higher-than-average holiday allowances are all commonplace for powerful coders. However, in order to secure these roles, coders must be agile, fluent and demonstrate an ability… Continue Reading →

An intelligent bet on Kotlin

This article was originally published at If you’re a Software Developer or any kind of professional working in the IT sector, you’ve probably heard of Kotlin language.  Kotlin language has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity among developers in the industry in the last four years. Among its benefits, its supporters enumerate… Continue Reading →


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