Combining multiple API calls with CompletableFuture

After having had an introduction to the new concurrency paradigm in Java in my previous article "A new concurrency model in Java", I've considered that it'd be beneficial to show a more realistic and practical example with CompletableFuture. So what we're going to do is to implement a component responsible for fetching posts from different... Continue Reading →

Please stop the Java Optional mess!

In many of the projects I've worked during the recent years I've found quite hard to find developers using Java Optionals in the right way, so I thought it'd be good to show what in my opinion it should be the right approach. Background First of all, let's clarify what the original purpose was for... Continue Reading →

A new Java concurrency model

Things have changed considerably in the last few years in terms of how we write code in concurrent models. In the past we always had a tendency to share state and use complex concurrency mechanisms to synchronise the threads to allow them a fair use of the resources in our application, those were the times when... Continue Reading →

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