The unfairly unknown ForkJoinPool

We are all well aware of all the fancy new features that JDK 8 brought to us and probably it's hard to find a Java developer that doesn't know what Java Streams, Lambdas or CompletableFutures are. So all these nice features came a few years back with JDK 8, but what happened a bit earlier... Continue Reading →

When parallelism beats concurrency

I'm aware that for many of you these two concepts probably mean the same or maybe you'd struggle to explain the differences between them; however, they're actually two very different concepts and this is quite important to understand the way in which we process data nowadays. In both cases we try to solve a problem... Continue Reading →

Java JIT compiler explained – Part 1

As Java developers most of us ignore the importance of having a complete understanding on how the machine where we run our applications works. This machine, in the case of Java or Kotlin developers, is the JVM. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) as most of you will know, uses JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler to optimise our... Continue Reading →

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